We’re delighted to have Holly O’Hara riding with us! Holly is the Director of Communications and Marketing for the Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation. She works in Chicago and lives with the Sisters of the Precious Blood.

Holly is excited to ride with sisters and collaborators who are passionate about addressing the issues of injustice in our world. “It’s so important for people to know that the Church is not silent on these issues. The Gospel requires our courageous response.”

During the ride, Holly will be praying in a special way to end racism and hatred. To accomplish this, Holly says, includes “dismantling structures of power and privilege based on race. White comfort comes at the expense of communities of color who historically have been denied their basic rights and needs.”

Holly shared with CWS the fact that she has never broken a bone. She’s hoping that will be true at the end of the ride. So do we, Holly, so do we!